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Landscape Britain (hardback) - NOW SOLD OUT.
Landscape Britain (hardback) - NOW SOLD OUT.

Widely recognised as one of Britain's finest landscape photographers, Bath's very own Ed Collacott is thrilled at the publication of his first book - Landscape Britain. The book is a collection of photographs that highlight the stunning nature and textural diversity of our landscape. "Its a project I`ve been thinking about and developing for many years - everything finally came together this year" - Ed Collacott.

The book has already been acclaimed in the Photographic press:

"Photographer Ed Collacott shares his deep-rooted passion for Britain's landscape in this, his first book, which showcases over 100 of his superb images". Claire Harris, Outdoor Photography

“Landscape Britain is an extraordinary collection of images showcasing the magnificence of the British landscape. The crisps design and high production values complement Collacott’s breathtaking photography.” Ben Brain, Digital Camera Magazine

Landscape Britain has a clean, contemporary style - there is nothing to distract from over 100 stunning images, all taken from the mountains, forests, coasts and open spaces of Great Britain. We are so lucky that Britain is blessed with a such a diverse and unique landscape, a variable climate and wonderful seasons - Ed has been capturing these for over thirty years.

At the back of the book there is an anecdote section that puts into context all the images and adds interest and insight into his way of working. The sheer quality of the printing is staggering, this is thanks to a close working relationship with local printers, Park Lane Press of Corsham.

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Landscape Britain (hardback)
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