About Ed Collacott - Fine Art Landscape Photographer

Ed Collacott has a passion for taking photographs and his work features the finest landscapes in the UK. Aided by a background in Geography and Geology, Ed appreciates the natural and human processes that have shaped our environment. The patterns, textures and natural forms that reflect nature's rhythms are a continual source of inspiration.

He is very much a landscape artist and his work reflects a great love and deep understanding of the countryside. A thorough technical knowledge and a "seeing eye" enable his pictures to convey the beauty of the landscape that surrounds us all. This has earned him the envied reputation as not only one of Britain's finest but also most popular landscape photographers.

Dramatic lighting, patience (lots of it!), the use of mood and atmosphere and attention to detail help to create his distinctive and evocative photographs. The photographs are all taken on either medium format camera (6x6cms) or on a large format panoramic camera (6x17cms) - these achieve truly outstanding quality. Every image has been captured using Fuji Velvia film and a sturdy tripod.

Filters are rarely used. Ed prides himself on using natural light in natural surroundings and dislikes the obvious use of filters especially grads. Ed is also one of what must be a very small band of landscape photographers who does not possess a polarising filter, believing that if you are prepared to wait for the right light at the right time of day, none is necessary. This means plenty of early morning starts and late finishes with many long, and often fruitless hours, waiting for the right light with many returns often necessary to those special locations.

This is the patience that is required in abundance, as although landscape photography can be amazingly rewarding it can also be a very frustrating business. Ed believes his photography reflects these qualities and the reputation he has acquired over the last 25 years is testament to that.